■ In April 2004, TSUBAKIMOTO Automotive (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was founded.
■ In September 2004, the opening ceremony was held.
■ In December 2004, the company began to supply goods to Tianjin TOYOTA.
■ In August 2005, Guangzhou office was founded.
■ In October 2005, the company passed the certification of ISO9001 Quality Management System.
■ In July 2007, the company passed the certification of TS16949.
■ In December 2007, Tianjin office was founded.
■ In November 2007, the company was moved to the new plant address (in North Jiading Industrial Park).
■ In September 2008, the company passed the certification of 14001 Environment Management System.
■ In January 2011, the secondary plant was opened for business.

■ In September 2015, set up Technology Center in Shanghai.

■ In October 2015, put on production in Tianjin new factory.

ADD:No.4 Building, No.1151, Xingxian Road, North Jiading Industrial Park, Shanghai TEL:021-59968555 FAX:021-59968633 E-MAIL:tas@tsubaki-auto.cn
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